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Portal Overview

The Portal allows you to share reports that you have created with other stakeholders without sharing your login. Your portal has a unique shareable URL that should look like this:

Elements of the Report Portal View

  1. Portal tab: Takes you to your Portal.
  2. Filter by type: Reveals filter to only show reports of a certain type. Options are Data, Change, or Comparison.
  3. Filter by date: Reveals filter to only show reports within a selected date range.
  4. Clear filters: Clears all active filters applied.
  5. Share: Automatically adds the Portal link to the copy clipboard for sharing.
  6. Search by name: Allows you to search for runs by their Report name.
  7. Report name: Name of the Report for that run.
  8. Run stats: Summary of the displayed run's statistics.
    • Total Rows: Data & Comparison runs
    • Added: Change runs
    • Changed: Change runs
    • Removed: Change runs
    • Linked records: Comparison runs
    • Unmatched records: Comparison runs
    • Number of extractors: Comparison runs
  9. Run date: Date the run was triggered.
  10. Report type: Type of Report for that run. Types can be Data, Change, or Comparison.
  11. Download: All file formats available for download from that run.
    • Excel: Data, Change, & Comparison runs
    • CSV: Change runs
    • PDF: Change runs
  12. Run options: Click to reveal the options for a report run.
  13. Report Settings: Link to the run's Report.
  14. Unshare From Portal: Remove the selected run from the Portal.