Development Environment

After downloading the CLI, you will need to configure your development environment with your credentials.

You will need:

Once you have both of the above, run the following command:

import-io config

After you’ve pasted each key you are good to go.


The Extractor Studio CLI allows you to debug and step through your code. To do so simply:

  • Add the word debugger to your code where you want the execution to pause

  • Add DEBUGGER=true before your extractor:run:local, extractor:run:remote, action:run:local, or action:run:remote command

  • Attach your debugger


To debug in Chrome, follow the debugging instructions above then:

  • Go to about://inspect in a new Chrome Tab

  • Click on "Open dedicated DevTools for Node"

VS code

To debug in VS Code, follow the debugging instructions above then:

  • In VS Code press cmd(or control)+shift+p to open the VS Code Command Palette

  • Search for "Debug: Attach Node Process"

Org Configuration

In an Extractor Library built by Extractor Studio, Extractor developers are able to build, deploy, and maintain Extractors for multiple Organizations inside Workbench.

Each Organization contains a directory under src/orgs/, and in the root directory lives a config.yaml file.

This configuration file aids the CLI when deploying and interacting with assets on Workbench, and allows developers to explicitly define which resources are maintained by the library. Additionally, this file allows developers to give aliases to Collections, to help make development and deployment commands easier.

An Org config.yaml file contains the following properties:

  • collections

    • An object which itemizes the Organization’s Collections maintained by the Library

    • Keys are slugs or user defined shorthands for collections

    • Values are Collection Id’s, can be retrieved from the Collection Home page in Workbench

  • legacyAccountId

    • ID for Organization’s corresponding account

    • Deprecated This field will be removed in a future version of Extractor Studio.

Example config.yaml

legacyAccountId: 8d17b99a-9f09-4e50-9e3c-175d24cfcb1f
  product_details: 49ba21e0-5cc5-43f4-8f7d-40420907ffcf