Adding Legacy Platform ID to an Organization


A Legacy Platform ID is required to create a new Organization in DOC. Any Organization created prior to July 2020 may be missing a Legacy Platform ID and the benefits it provides. Organization administrators can update the Legacy Platform ID through the settings page (/orgs/{orgSlug}/settings).

Why Legacy Platform ID is Important

An Organization’s Legacy Platform ID provides multiple crucial benefits:

  • Billing

    • The Legacy Platform ID associates crawl runs initiated in DOC with a specific user in Lightning, including a user’s plan and billing information. This allows for more accurate tracking of extractor use across all systems.

  • Authenticated Extractors

    • Authenticated Extractors cannot be started from DOC unless its Organization has a Legacy Platform ID

    • Credentials for Authenticated Extractors are verified and stored using the Legacy Platform ID, meaning any Organization lacking this information cannot start crawl runs for Authenticated Extractors

  • CLI Extractors

    • Extractors built with the CLI tool cannot be deployed to a specific Source unless the Organization it belongs to has a Legacy Platform ID

    • The development process for an Extractor is simplified when an Organization has a Legacy Platform ID as it allows multiple users to deploy changes while ensuring all crawl runs (and their extractors) belong to the same user (Organization)

Adding Legacy Platform ID to an Existing Organization

Important things to know when adding Legacy Platform ID to your Organization:

  • Sources with an extractor that has an owner not matching the Legacy Platform ID will indicate this via a warning on the Source’s home page. If the owner of a Source’s extractor is different than the Legacy Platform ID for the Organization, crawl runs will still be started using the Legacy Platform ID account. Users with the SUPER_ADMIN role can change the owner of an extractor via the Source home page (see below). All DOC users will see the warning if the owners do not match.

change extractor owner
  • Any new extractors added to an Organization will have to be associated with the Legacy Platform ID. Deploying a CLI extractor will require use of the Source commands for deployment, unless being deployed by a privileged user.

  • Credentials for any Authenticated Extractors will need to be tied to the Legacy Platform ID. Authenticated Extractors cannot be started from DOC unless a Legacy Platform ID is set for the Organization.

  • The Legacy Platform ID can be found in Lightning on the Account Settings page for the appropriate user.

  • Any Redshift logs will continue to reflect an extractor’s owner ID until ownership is transferred to the Legacy Platform ID account.

  • In order to ensure that adding a Legacy Platform ID is a smooth process, it is important to verify that the billing, plan, feature flags, and any other account settings for the Legacy Platform ID are appropriate to continuously extract and deliver data.