Alarm Groups

alarm groups created

An Alarm is an alert or notification that you establish, based on the state of a Delivery.
A state represents the health of a Delivery.

An Alarm can exist in one of five states. The Alarm States include INFO, WARNING, ERROR,
and CRITICAL. (OK is a default state which is system-assigned when Alarm Groups have not been
established.) An Alarm Group allows you to categorize Alarms. It is a best practice to create
an Alarm Group for each Alarm State.

The INFO Alarm Group, for example, might include all Alarms in the INFO state. Similarly, the
WARNING Alarm Group might include all Alarms in the WARNING state. The ERROR Alarm Group might
include all Alarms in the ERROR state, and the CRITICAL Alarm Group might include all Alarms
in the CRITICAL state.

The primary responsibility of the Delivery team is to build or establish Alarm Groups and Alarms based
on customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Add an Alarm Group

To add an Alarm Group:

  1. From the left navigation pane, click Alarm Groups.

  2. From the top right of the Alarm Group page, click the Add an Alarm Group icon or plus (+) symbol.

    The Create Alarm Group modal opens.

    alarm groups create
  3. Enter text in the Alarm Group Name field.

  4. To store content, click Save. To disregard, click Cancel.

Delete an Alarm Group

You cannot delete Alarm Groups.