Destinations are where your data is published to when it passes QA. Multiple collections can be linked to multiple destinations.

Listing Destinations

Destinations can be listed by clicking the "Destinations" menu item on the organization sidebar.

You can filter and sort your Destinations.

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Creating a destination

To create a new destination click the + icon on the destinations page.

Data will only be published to a destination if the destinaton is marked as active at the time that the data passes QA.
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S3 Destinations

You can select what type of files you wish to be published to an S3 bucket, and add a path and filename template. The default file name template is :snapshot_id.:ext.

Available template variables:

  • :start_YY

  • :start_YYYY

  • :start_M

  • :start_MM

  • :start_D

  • :start_DD

  • :end_YY

  • :end_YYYY

  • :end_M

  • :end_MM

  • :end_D

  • :end_DD

  • :org

  • :project

  • :source

  • :collection

  • :snapshot_id

  • :rows

  • :ext (inferred extension)

Variables can be surrounded by curly braces, e.g. :{start_YYYY}

Deleting destinations

Destinations cannot currently be deleted.

Destinations can be made inactive to avoid any data being published to them.

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