Listing People

People can be listed by clicking the "People" menu item on the organization sidebar.

You can filter and sort your People.


Adding a user

A user must first sign up to workbench before being able to be added.

Signing up

A user may gain access to Workbench by visiting If they do not have a valid session, this will then redirect them to GitHub to ask them to login/signup and connect their GitHub account to Workbench.

By default a new user will have no orgs that they can access, they have to be permissioned into them:

no orgs

The My Account page shows their user id:

my account

Adding the user to an org

To add a user to the people for your org, click the + icon on the people page.

From here you can enter their user id:

add org user

Changing user role

There are currently two organization roles: ADMIN and MEMBER. An ADMIN can list, add and remove users to the organization, and change their roles.

You can change the role someone has in the organization by selecting the role in the drop down.

Removing a user

Click the "Delete" button next to the user in the user list