A Source in is a group of collections of sources that are managed as a whole.

Listing Sources

Sources can be listed by clicking the "Sources" menu item on the collection sidebar.

You can filter and sort your Sources.

sources list

Creating a Source

Create a new Source by clicking the + icon on your Sources page.

The readme should provide context to team members who are involved in the Source, and supports markdown syntax.

It is important that you pick good slugs, they cannot be changed later - here to example, they are used within the data lake and for the database schema name.

When a source is created it is in the QUEUED state.

If a user takes ownership of a QUEUED source, it moves to IN PROGRESS. Once they are ready to have the source checked, they can move to QA. The source will automatically move to ACTIVE if the QA passes, and the data published.

If a source snapshot fails QA, the source moves into a MAINTENANCE state. Once it passes QA it moves back to ACTIVE.

You can change the state of the source manually by editing the source.

new source

Status code formula

If the site passes back the wrong status code under certain conditions, then you can use a formula here to determine the new formula.

Falsy value means no change, -1 means blocked, otherwise return a number. Excel functions are supported, plus PARAM('name') to get a source parameter and INPUT('name') to get an input value and all the page row columns as variables, e.g. exceptionType

It is suggested that you use the drill-down view view for a snapshot to compose the formula:

add formula

Note that you don’t need to prepend the = here, and the result is in the first column which is named !CALCULATED!.

Deleting Sources

Sources cannot currently be deleted.