Flow Deliveries

Deliveries are the result of executing a data flow.

Listing Flow Deliveries

You can read more about Deliveries here: Deliveries page

Delivery Flow Drilldown

You can read more about the Delivery Drilldown here: Selected Delivery page

Adhoc Flow Deliveries

If you need to start a flow delivery with a temporary configuration (ie. collection window needs to be different for just one delivery), certain values can be overridden for a individual delivery via the API.

In order to override values, a body must be included in the API request. After a successful request, the new delivery object will be returned from the API.

Body Values Available for Override:
  • dataHours

  • pushHours

  • closeHours

  • skipQaTests

  • sourceCriteria*

  • definition

    • chunks

    • chunkCollectHours

    • chunkPushHours

    • chunkTimeoutHours

    • inputUriTemplate (S3 location used for inputs)

Any values in the request body that are not listed above will cause an error, only include values that need to be changed. Additionally, the format of values should match the model (refer to API docs).

*Example sourceCriteria object:

2020 07 20 11 55 58

sourceCriteria can be set to null if filters exist on the flow. Additionally, if only one filter is changed in an override object, the existing filters that have not been overwritten will still be considered when a delivery is started.

Example definition object (definition is required for updating chunk values and inputs path):

2020 07 20 11 52 44
If you need to reference the values you used to override after a delivery is created, you can use the following endpoint view the FlowDelivery, it should reflect the values used in creating and running the delivery.

Public Flow Deliveries

To share the Flow Deliveries page, click on the share button in the top right corner of the Deliveries list page. Only a SUPER_ADMIN or an org ADMIN can create a token by clicking on the share button. Once a token has been created, anyone can share the Deliveries page.

The public Deliveries page will show all deliveries, associated with a specific Flow. You can still click the button to view the Drilldown for a specific Delivery.

It will not display the sidebar or the breadcrumbs.