Deliveries are the result of executing a data flow.

Listing Deliveries

Deliveries can be listed by clicking the "Deliveries" menu item on the project sidebar, or the org sidebar to view all deliveries across all projects.

Deliveries are sorted by time.

For each delivery you can see high level stats, and drill down into the sources view to show you more information.


Public Deliveries

To share the Deliveries page, click on the share button in the top right corner of the Deliveries list page. Only a SUPER_ADMIN or an org ADMIN can create a token by clicking on the share button. Once a token has been created, anyone can share the Deliveries page.

The public Deliveries page will show all Deliveries, associated with all projects. You can still click the button to view the Drilldown for a specific Delivery.

It will not display the sidebar or the breadcrumbs.

Deleting Deliveries

Deliveries cannot currently be deleted.