Run Flow

When you need to run a Flow, you can run it as is, or Customize the run. By choosing to Customize a run, you no longer need to change the original Flow nor remember to come back and undo your test changes, reducing potential for unplanned errors. Additionally, these improvements to the Run Flow Delivery process allows DOC Users to rationalize the number of Flows, simplifying things by not needing to have an “Official Flow” and a copy of it for “AdHoc Flow”, ensuring a single source of truth and reduces chances of misconfigurations causing user confusion.

run flow
  1. From the left navigation pane, click Flows.

  2. Click on required Flow. The Flow Home page will be opened.

  3. Click button in the top right corner of the window.

  4. Chose one of the available options:

run flow menu

Default Run

run flow default

The confirmation step is opened (an active step is highlighted). An existing Flow configuration is shown.

Click Edit Configuration (1) or Previous (2) button if you want to change the Flow configuration before start (see Custom Run section doc).

Click Run button (3) to start the Flow Delivery.

Custom Run

run flow custom

The edit Flow configuration step is opened (an active step is highlighted).

Specify or change the config settings you need.

Click Confirmation (4) or Next (5) button to proceed to the confirmation step.

Click Run button (3) to start the Flow Delivery.

Track Flow Delivery configuration

The configuration used to run the flow can be found on the Flow Delivery page.

run flow delivery