Selected Delivery

A selected Delivery allows you to view the Delivery Drilldown information.

Delivery Drilldown

If a Flow is run, it will create a Delivery.

Each Delivery is representative of the time period that was set to collect the data on the parent Flow.

If the data has been chunked, the Delivery is sent to the client in chunks of data.
Each Snapshot that corresponds to a Delivery, will have a window of time during which it will collect the data, as well as a window of time to be delivered.

If you click on the Drilldown for a Delivery, you can use the dropdown to toggle between different sections.

On the Overview section:

In the center section, you will see important stats like:

  • the total snapshots

  • the % of snapshots that were pushed on time

  • snapshots with failed starts

  • snapshots that have failed to import

  • the amount of inputs

  • how many rows were extracted

  • push errors

  • the % of OK (200) responses

  • the % with bad request/gone (400/410) responses

  • the % of rows that were not generated with OK (200) responses

  • the % of inputs blocked

  • the % of input errors

  • the % of HTML snapshots

  • the % of inputs that were collected on time

  • the % of inputs that were correctly collected

  • the % of source duplicates

In the sidebar, you will see:

  • the delivery alarm state

  • any important dates

    • when the delivery was started

    • the collect by date

    • the deliver by date

    • the close by date

  • the delivery ID

On the Snapshots section:

  • view the parent Source

    • If you click on the Source name, it will take you to the Source Home page.

  • view parent Snapshots, with a link to the Snapshot home page

    • If you click on the Snapshot ID, it will take you to the Snapshot Home page.

    • Snapshots with a status of CHUNKED will have an expand icon.

      • If you click on the expand icon, you will see a list of the child Snapshots that have been chunked

On the Transitions section:

  • view any transitions

If you click on the circular arrow icon in the top right corner, you can refresh the selected Delivery.

If you click on the x icon, you will be taken back to the Deliveries list page.

Cancelling A Delivery

If you are in a Simple Flow, and a selected Delivery is OPEN, you will see a button that will allow you to Cancel the Delivery.

When a Delivery is Cancelled, it will change to a CLOSED state, and any pending data collection is cancelled.