Organization Settings

View Organization Settings

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Organization Settings allow you to view and edit preferences, some which are established when your
Organization is added to the DOC environment.

In the General section, you can view the Org Name, Slug/ID, ID, and Legacy Platform ID.

The Data Store section allows you to view Data Store details if one has been provisioned for your
Organization. A Data Store is an online repository that stores information. More specifically, the
Data Store captures historical data for a Collection. Commonly, Data Store and Redshift Data Lake
are used interchangeably. Data Store is an internal destination managed by the application.

A Super Admin can provision a Data Store for an Organization. Once an Organization has a Data Store,
it is provided Connection information and credentials to access the database. The Organization can
connect to the database using a standard SQL client. From the application, the Organization can create
tables for any of their Collections in the Data Store. If the Organization has a product_details
Collection, for example, the Organization can create a product_details table within their Data Store.
If the Redshift Data Lake is selected as a Linked Destination then all Snapshots will push to the
Data Store once they pass QA; in addition, you can query this available data. This is helpful if you
want to create visualizations using a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, or if you want to create
complex queries specific to this data.

Edit Organization Settings

To edit Organization Settings:

  1. From the Settings page (General section), click the Edit button.

  2. From the Edit Organization page, make any needed modifications.

    You cannot edit the Slug/ID field.

  3. To store updates, click Save. To disregard, click Cancel.

View Data Store

If a Data Store has not been provisioned for your Organization, you can only view the Provision Database
button in the Data Store section.

Enable Data Store

To enable a Data Store:

  1. From the Settings page (Data Store section), click the Provision Database button.

    A Redshift User Information modal displays, providing a User Name and Password.

  2. Copy the Password using the icon at the end of this field.

  3. Click the now enabled OK button.

    You are returned to the primary Organization Settings page. The Data Store section now displays the
    populated Database Name, Host, Port, and User fields. On the Destinations page,
    a Redshift Data Lake database also has been created.

You must create a table for each Collection in your Organization. Creating a table adds this table
to the database. The table contains Snapshots specific to Collections. Each Snapshot copies to this table.

Only staff can enable a Data Store.

Enabling a Data Store creates a Redshift Data Lake database on top of your managed data lake
(or Data Store).

View Data Store Connection Settings

org settings datastore

You can view the Database Name, Host, Port, and User Data Store connection settings. You also can
click the Reset Password button to restore this credential.