Release V.1.8.2 - April 24, 2020

  • Fixed latest delivery + destination pushes bugs.

  • Added assigned user to snapshot tables

  • Added seconds to the destination and simple flow timestamps

  • Updated the user docs

  • Health metrics are open on the selected snapshot home page

  • Added a snapshot link in delivery sidebar, instead of delivery home dropdown

  • Added ‘All’ button to snapshot and pushes spotlight

  • Added revert option to pushes spotlight table

  • F ixed Delivery Push and Bull Queue metrics

Release v1.8.0 - April 10, 2020


  • “First seen” column - A collection setting is now available for collections whose schema has a primary key, and generates the date when an item was "first seen" and includes it as a meta-data timestamp column "_firstSeen" in the snapshot data.


  • “FILE” Type column - This new column type on schemas helps include the metadata information about files extracted and downloaded during extraction time.


  • Include downloaded files in destination pushes - You can now include any files and images that were downloaded during your extraction in pushes to your destinations.

  • SFTP Destinations Type - You can now configure SFTP servers as destinations for your data.


  • Severity on Alarms - Flow alarms now have a “severity” option which can be set on the alarm and included in any alarm notifications.

  • APIs and UI to Resolve or Trigger Alarms - Now when a delivery is open you have the option to manually trigger or resolve alarms for the selected delivery alarm page.


  • Importing cancelled snapshots - now if you cancel a snapshot you have an option in the UI to manually import the data that was collected.


  • Max chunk crawl time - When configuring a flow you can set the chunkTimeoutHours which is the max time a chunk should run for. If the chunk times out the data collected will be automatically imported.