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Welcome! enables you to extract data directly from the web. This is commonly known as web scraping, but is much more. Our point-and-click interface transforms websites into data with a few simple clicks, enabling you to get the data you need, whether it requires page interaction, JavaScripting or lies behind a login.


If you're new to and take a moment to read's terminology

Want a Quick Guide? Video Tutorial Here! created a short video showing the in's and out's of our platform and how it has changed over time. You can watch that video HERE!

What makes unique? contains a built-in crawl service specifically designed to handle multiple URL queries. It uses dynamic rate limiting and contains a retry system to handle errors and restrictions. When querying multiple web pages, the crawl service queries URLs asynchronously, each from a rotating IP address pool, to make the process more efficient. If a URL fails, the URL is re-queued and tried again from a different IP address. This crawl service monitors website response time, which ensures extraction does not place excessive load on a website.

The result is superior performance, high-quality data extraction and reliable success.

How does data extraction with work? allows you to create an extractor and give it an example URL containing the data you want to extract. Once loads the webpage, it presents you with the data it finds and give you the option to identify the data you want to collect via point-and-click. As you select data, analyzes the underlying structure of the webpage and determines where the elements of data you want reside.

All this data is laid out in a tabular data column structure that you can design to meet your project needs.

Signing up

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You can choose from a range of billing plans to integrate web data into your project, whether you're extracting for machine learning, market research or risk management.

  • Every account begins as a trial. This is a free account where you can explore the platform, extract data from websites, experiment with your use cases, and share your data with friends and colleagues.
  • When you start a trial, you'll be able to create extractors to extract data from millions of websites.