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My extractor broke?

Every website is different, and with the complexity of websites today it is impossible to know how every website will react with the use of our tool. That being said, you can estimate how well your desired website will react by visiting it yourself and attempting to find the desired information, if this results in getting CAPTCHAs, IP blocking, or any other bot detection it may result in the breaking of your extractor.

There is always a solution, check out our advanced guide or schedule a call with one of our data experts.

How do I export my data?

Available download formats directly out of the tool are Excel, CSV, NDJSON, Image and Files. You can also integrate via API, as well as RSS feed, and Google Sheets.

Integrate directly with our API!

Is there API Integration available?

Yes! This can be found in our app dashboard. Extractors > Integrate > Live Query API (Note: you can only query one URL at a time with this API.). All the docs for it.

What's the difference between public and private data?

Public data is data that can be used, shared and redistributed without restriction. Private data is personal information, confidential information.

Can I download this tool? is a web-based application, meaning there is nothing to download! Everything can be accessed from the application portal .

How often can I refresh the data?

You can set how often you would like the data to be refreshed. This can be done in the settings page for your extractor.

Find more info about scheduling

What counts as a query?

The easiest way to think of a query is one page or URL. For example, if you run through 50 product pages, that would be considered 50 queries. For interactive extractors, a set of inputs is considered one query, two searches that used two different dates would still be two queries. Additionally, the pagination action inside the interactive extractor also counts for 1 query per paginated page.

Look for this coin icon to identify actions which count as a query

My target website is region-locked?

You can set your proxy settings for specific regions from our dropdown list accessible in the extractor settings tab. if you are on the Standard or Advanced Plans. We also have Premium Residential Proxies which can be used, however, you will be charged extra - based on usage - on your monthly bill for the premium proxy feature.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! A free trial can be found here .

How do I get started?