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Creating a details extractor

After login into your account, you will land on the Dashboard. Start by clicking on the

  • tab on the left and then click on 
  • at the top of the left pane and paste the URL of a business page in the Create Extractor screen. In this example we will use, finally click
  • to load the page.

    Once the page is loaded, will first attempt to identify any lists or table on the page. In this case a table of data specific to Great Bear Coffee is presented, such as the Name, Images, and Reviews.

    To add a data point, you can click on the button

  • to add a column, and then click on the page to select that data point. To name or rename this column use the text box at the top right side of the page.

    Since this is a details extractor, you might want to restrict the data selected to be returned in one row per for page extracted, rather than list of data. To do this, reveal the Advanced option, then select Rows, and check to make sure it is set to Single Row.

    With the data points selected, click the Save button to save your extractor. For now, you can skip the Change Report Modal, name your extractor, and then click *Save and run.*

    Once the extractor is saved, it will redirect you to the Dashboard, where you can preview or download the results of the run when it is completed.

    With your first extractor created, you'll want to move on to the fine-tuning and editing part of the extractor.