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The Dashboard

Left Navigation Panel

  1. Home: Takes you to your starting location.
  2. Portal: Takes you to your portal to view your published reports publicly.
  3. Extractors: Takes you to view your extractors and is the default view when accessing the dashboard.
  4. Transforms: Takes you Transforms where you can use functions and formulas to modify the output data of an extractor.
  5. Reports: Takes you to the Reports Dashboard where you can create Data Reports, Change Reports, and Comparison Reports.
  6. Account: Takes you to manage your account information along with your account subscription and billing.
  7. Help: Takes you to the Help Center where you'll be directed to resources such as our user guide, videos and articles, community, etc.


  1. New Extractor: Creates a new extractor.
  2. Search of an extractor: Locates your extractors by name.
  3. Extractor Name: Displays the extractor name. Click over the text to rename your extractor.
  4. Run history: Displays your run history where you can preview your data, download your data, and download log files of each run.
  5. Settings: Allows you to configure you extractor where you can add/remove URLs, chain two extractors, enable email notifications, screen capture, and set up scheduled runs.
  6. Integrate: Contains API endpoints you can use to integrate your extractor.
  7. Run Urls: Run your extractor with the configured URLs.
  8. Edit: Takes you to the editor view to train your extractor.
  9. Duplicate: Creates a duplicate of the selected extractor.
  10. Delete: Archives the selected extractor. 
  11. Download Data: Downloads your data in Excel, CSV, and JSON formats.
  12. Show Log: Downloads the log file for the run selected.
  13. Preview Data: Previews up to twenty rows of data from the selected run.
  14. View Column Fill Rates: Show data fills rates for columns.